Traffic management is the service which we manage the paid traffic of your business, which is a great resource for it to grow. The Traffic Manager is responsible for planning, creating, executing, optimizing, keeping up and present the results of your online ad campaigns.

In other words, we create and manage your ads, whether on Google, Instagram or Facebook, making sure they are as appealing,convincing and aligned with your business as possible.

Make the biggest social networks promote your business

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How does it work?

We know that both Google and Facebook are two huge companies and that they are not only associated with almost everything that is on the internet, but they actually own most part of it. Therefore, they are the main research sources we can access in the digital world, since millions of people turn to them when they need to find the most diverse things, from the services of an electrician to a nearby restaurants. In view of this, here lies our purpose: integrating your business in this network, so it can be noticed by thousands and thousands of potential customers.

As the dispute to appear varies a lot, we call it an Auction, that is, who pays the most is the one that shows up the most, simple as this, what reafirms the Law of Supply and Demand. Thats why we can’t charge a fixed amount, since the whole operation depends on how disputed your work line within the digital world is.

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